best hamburgr in greensboro

The best hamburger in Greensboro is…

Everyone wants to know where to find the best hamburger in Greensboro. So do I.  In my quest I’ve had some good ones, but I can’t really identify a “best” in town.  I will share my my opinion, but some of you will be disappointed. There are three places I’d rate equally as Best-in-show. In no […]


The 52 Burger Project

One Burger a Week in 2014 A year ago I embarked on a mission to try a different hamburger around town each week.  This week, being the last of the year 2014, I have completed my project to eat 52 burgers in 52 different places.  The mission is officially complete, but I will continue the […]

Greensboro Hamburger joint closed

Greensboro Hamburger History: 86 Fuddrucker’s

Fuddruckers’ has left the building. Greensboro’s Wendover location is gone. Greensboro’s hamburger world enjoyed Fuddrucker’s for a while, but the competition in the local market proved too tough to survive. The product was good, or at least it still was the last time I was there, back in 2013. I always enjoyed their unique build-your-own […]

Hams Greensboro

We miss Ham’s

Those of us that lived in Greensboro in the 1980’s and before have a fond memory of Ham’s. This was the real Ham’s. The current adaptation retains none of the character or charm of the no-frills original.   Back in the 1970’s I was a Grimsley high school student bus driver. ( Yes. 11th & […]

big burger spot

The Big Burger Spot

The Big Burger Spot makes a very good burger, and I really tried to like the place, but … Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying don’t go, as I actually recommend this place.  The little things that bother me are mostly in the parking lot. The giant billboard and the gas station next door […]

green valley grill burger

The Green Valley Grill

You expect good things from The Green Valley Grill.  You will find a nice but loud restaurant featuring some of Greensboro’s best food. The burger here is with Gruyere cheese and bacon. The Fries are basically perfect.   While this is one of the most popular places in town I can’t place in my top […]

cheese burger wine

Cheeseburger – The Wine

There is a wine, with roots in Greensboro NC, that is probably the only one we’ll ever address here at It is a blend from California, called Cheeseburger Red.  It’s a nice red wine, with fruity but hearty flavor, perfect for grilled foods.  Obviouslly we recommend drinking this wine with a good cheeseburger. . […]

burger cake

Let Them Eat Cake

Now this is fun.  I guess I’ll have to leave this to someone elses bucket-list, but I’d sure love to get in on this action This is a hamburger cake and you can learn to make one in an upcoming class